LYMIC : Training


LyMIC organizes or participates in several ongoing training courses. In addition to individual training in the use of equipment, users can participate in internships to deepen their knowledge of techniques and methods from the operating principles of acquisition systems to analysis, exploitation and the publication of data.

Special requests for training may be submitted. In addition, all or part of studies may be entrusted to LyMIC services.

Below is a summary table of the courses offered locally by LyMIC. Trainings organized jointly with other platforms in France take place in Gif-sur-Yvette, Lille, Bordeaux ...

Name Duration Facilities
Stage d'analyse d'images 5 days CIQLE / PLATIM
Illustration scientifique à l’aide du logiciel ImageJ 3 days CIQLE / PLATIM
Formation microscopie confocale 3 days CIQLE / CTµ / PLATIM
Microscopie électronique à balayage et micro-analyse X en MEB 5 days CTµ
Microscopie électronique à transmission et microanalyse X en MET 5 days CTµ
Microscopie électronique à balayage (Formation courte) 1,5 days CTµ
Microscopie électronique en transmission (Formation courte) 1,5 days CTµ